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Hand-Held Floral Wonders

Posted by Fleur the Flower on February - 26 - 2011

 Hand held Floral Bouquets add so much to a wedding in terms of colour, style and photo ops!! The choice and range of flowers one can have is unlimited but I recommend you do consider how they will end up looking in your photos. One thing I notice alot is the sizing of the bouquet – they can often appear too large or too small in proportion to the person  [ Read More ]

Lollipop, lollipop, oooo lolly lolly POP!

Posted by Fleur the Flower on February - 17 - 2011

 Okay…………………….. How cool is this. I can think of a number of reasons why a bride would love these – No 1 ALLERGIES. If flowers threaten to make your wedding day a living hell and the thought of being drugged up to your eyeballs on antihistamines isn’t a pleasant thought then I think these are a fun alternative. Not to mention great for the PHOTOS!!!!!!!! These visual treats – with  [ Read More ]

The Poetics of Flowers

Posted by Fleur the Flower on January - 14 - 2011
pic_010 woodstock

One of our avid blog readers has penned a Beautiful poem for us all to enjoy. Dana Taylor from New Zealand adores the written word and when combined with her love of all things wedding  SHE IS THE GIRL!  We love to hear from our viewers and if you too would like to submit anything to the site – click on the submissions tab and come on board! We’d love  [ Read More ]

Heaven Scent

Posted by Fleur the Flower on December - 29 - 2010
Joseph Jones Florists

Being a Flower myself I naturally love all flowers! Especially scented ones. Which was why my eye was drawn to these lovely creations by Joseph Jones Florists of Dunedin, NZ. The rosemary made me think these bouquet and table pieces must smell heavenly. Not to mention that I  think they look absolutely stunning!! Sinead Jenkins the photographer also from Dunedin  photographs some amazing weddings too ….I have been lucky enough to be  [ Read More ]