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  It still blows me away when I see how far-reaching this little blog goes……I figured last months stats would hardly be worth looking at because the blog was off air for a substantial amount of the time…..but I was wrong. I look at the stats mostly to see which countries enjoy this blog……so A BIG HEART WARMING THANK YOU TO ALL MY WORLD-WIDE VIEWERS……….from Cyprus, Argentina, South Korea, Vietnam,  [ Read More ]


Okay, I understand all the reasoning. I get it. As an artist I fully relate – you want to protect your copyright, your ideas and all the hard work you have put in. You also want to ensure that you are the one that receives the credit – that you are out in the spotlight and no-one else. You don’t want anyone to rip off your ideas and get paid  [ Read More ]

Out of Respect for the People of Japan – No posts for a short while.

Posted by Fleur the Flower on March - 14 - 2011

Out of respect for the people of Japan I have decided not to post on the blog for the immediate interim ….. it just seems too weird & surreal for me to post about materialistic items when so many people are suffering and a potential threat of nuclear meltdown lingers. I will back! The people of Japan:  My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Prayers for the People of Japan from the People of NZ.

Posted by Fleur the Flower on March - 12 - 2011

Our hearts go out to the People of Japan currently experiencing unbelievable horror and uncertainty. We thank you for helping us in our time of need in ChristChurch NZ  and now we hope we can return the favour. To all my viewers in Japan I hope you are all personally safe and well and your families are safe from harm and to the thousands currently reported missing my prayers go out to  [ Read More ]

Krazy Dreams and Dror sees the light.

Posted by Fleur the Flower on March - 8 - 2011

 Okay so it’s been a krazy week……..and my dreams are reflecting it.  Anyone who knows me knows that I dream weird. “Freaky” as my old flatmate so eloquently termed it. Now I’m not going to scare you all with a behind the scenes look into my head but I will say my dream the other night was a welcomed light relief …..considering most material I get resembles something directly out of the show  [ Read More ]


     THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!   …to all my viewers out there!!!  We have had visitors from all around the world in the past few months (since inception) viewing this little blog – Besides my fellow awesome NZers… a big HELLO to all my viewers from USA, AUSTRALIA, SAUDI ARABIA, SWEDEN, FRANCE, CANADA and CHINA.   I would also to thank Viewers from GERMANY, PAKISTAN, IRELAND, BELGIUM, SPAIN, NEPAL, THAILAND, GREECE, BRAZIL,  [ Read More ]

Prayers for Christ’s Church

Posted by Fleur the Flower on February - 22 - 2011

Prayers going out to all the people of Christchurch this evening and in the days to come…………to all those fighting for their lives, trapped in buildings and to all those helping…..May God Bless you all. And to my wedding photographer friends and couples living there – may you all be safe and well. Image Courtesy of:

Saint Valentine’s Day

Posted by Fleur the Flower on February - 14 - 2011
Image courtesy of

 Okay yes, it’s a little weird having an image of Saint Valentine with the word UFO written underneath it…………..but nevertheless HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO YOU ALL!!!!!!!! Now there are not many day’s that we celebrate named after Saints so this dude must be pretty special. There is a mixed history around Saint Valentine and it’s difficult to gauge a clear picture of how it all came about……… but I think to  [ Read More ]

Today is totally Random Tuesday day

Posted by Fleur the Flower on February - 8 - 2011

 Poor Doggy. I wonder if it’s aware of it’s impending doom Okay I admit, I do random things on the odd occassion…..I mean I photograph my legs. Don’t ask me why – it’s not logical! It’s just something I’ve started doing. I mean if you think about it – it’s something you look at alot when your eyes are looking down. It’s a common viewpoint. So I figured why not  [ Read More ]

Today is Random Tuesday Day

Posted by Fleur the Flower on February - 1 - 2011

Today is Random Tuesday Day. Simply because I’m in a random mood. If anyone knows what this insect is please tell me. I found it whilst gardening, trod on it by accident because it’s see through – then rescued it leaving it with a wonky wing. It looks like a butterfly when it is flat on the ground but is iridescent. I have never seen anything like this in NZ  [ Read More ]