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This is one of my favourite spots because it reflects my personal taste most succinctly. I am a lover of images that hold power. Images that have an  intensity to them make my heart sing. I choose photographers for this spot that reflect my personal vision of what I think to be great wedding photography. Manuel Meszarovits is a favourite of mine because he is self-taught. I love that. In the  [ Read More ]


The reason I like Yun Gen Yang is first and foremost because he is a nice person. And for me that is REALLY IMPORTANT!!  He has a wonderful manner about him and is always so polite. Yun hails from New York and is one photographer who really features his city imaginatively in his photos. Now let me tell you……this blog post was the hardest I have done to date. Why? Because Yun has a plethora  [ Read More ]


Also right up their with my fav of favs is Bartosz Jastal from Poland. I love this guy’s work. So gritty and interesting that I am never bored by what I see……but am always intriqued to see more. His photojournalist style is wonderfully unique. He captures moods and expressions in such a way that I haven’t seen many photpgraphers compare with. He doesn’t just focus on the Bride & Groom at the expense of  [ Read More ]

African Bride

   Dror Eyal  is right up there in my Fav’s of Favs. When I look at his work it’s like I’m looking at pure magic or an artistic masterpiece.  Some photographers can’t help themselves…their soul just seeps out into their work and it becomes evident that they can’t just take shots like everyone else but capture Life at it’s essense. Dror does this so beautifully.  This image above reminds me so much  [ Read More ]

Many Thanks: Arthur Konstantinov – DEFINITION: My fav – Blogspot for supreme talent. This is the place were we celebate what I believe to be some of the Top World Class wedding photographers on our little planet Earth. I choose these people because their work causes a response in me….sometimes it’s an emotive response of absolute beauty……..sometimes I think “Wow, how cool is that!!’ and others just make me  [ Read More ]