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(NOTE: I AM HAVING A FEW TECHNICALL ISSUES AT PRESENT AND THIS POST WILL BE FIXED SHORTLY) New Zealand is a nation of DIYers and so it’s no wonder that this extends into the arena of weddings. One thing that I love about the wedding of Jennifer and David is that they use what they have within their means. And it makes for a lovely feel – intimate, engaging and  [ Read More ]

I love this picture!! When I am fully recovered we will all be feasting our eyes on this lovely low-budget vintage affair…..:-) Many Thanks: Sinead Jenkins

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Okay………as a photographer I can attest to this. The single most nerve wracking thing next to taking photos of other people is being a photographer and trusting other photographers to capture you when you finally do get in front of the lens! Christchurch wedding photographer Dean Norrie of  Star Photographers was recently faced with the Million Dollar Question… a wedding photographer……….WHO would be good enough to photograph his wedding??! Dean’s Answer??! ….” Luckily we  [ Read More ]


Posted by Fleur the Flower on April - 3 - 2011

I have raved on and on about J’Aton Dresses in previous posts. They are SO STUNNING, flattering and gorgeous. So it is with great pleasure that I feature a wedding with THE DRESS TO END ALL DRESSES. I first glimpsed this wedding in Cosmo Bride Australia Magazine. I was so taken with it that I literally hunted this poor bride down and DEMANDED she say yes to being featured on  [ Read More ]

 This lovely intimate wedding gives me a warm glow. A blend of up close and personal photography and a lovely couple gives this wedding a beautiful quality. Obviously Kim and Greg were very comfortable being photographed and it shows!! Some couples are a little shy when it comes to having a photographer stick their lens in their faces but this couple show exactly how it should be done…..relaxed and in  [ Read More ]


I can assure you …..Every Wedding Photographer’s nightmare is Who should I get to photograph my own wedding????!!  Oh the agony, oh the stress….it truly is a very difficult question. Let alone trying to answer it!!! Dean Norrie, a Christchurch wedding photographer in NZ recently had to answer just such a question. COMING SOON…………………………..


Coming Soon………………………and it a goodie

In support of boosting the morale of all the people of Chch comes the Canterbury wedding of Vanessa and Neo. This couple are so sweet and cute together! It is a real feel good wedding. Vanessa told me they like to do everything together – including taking out the garbage (when one person would suffice) to going and getting milk from the local corner shop and (of course) shoe shopping.   [ Read More ]


As my extended family are Greek Cypriot I thought it would be nice to feature a couple who are planning their upincoming wedding in Cyprus. And what a couple!!! AND WHAT AN ENGAGEMENT SHOOT – Glamorous, Sexy, Beautiful and Modelly with a couple obviously head over heels in Luurvve!  Now, in wedding photography you often only hear descriptive words like “Lovely, Beautiful, Pretty” and you rarely hear words like Sizzling, Sexy and the like…..but let  [ Read More ]

COMING SOON…………..Balloons, a beautiful love story, a church tragically affected by the recent Christchurch Earthquake in NZ and a really really cute couple. Many Thanks: Lisa Gane