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REAL WEDDING: Cory Loves Melissa – Shaman Blessed Mayan Wedding

Posted by Fleur the Flower on January - 31 - 2011
Tina Louise

 I am so excited and proud to present this fabulous wedding of Melissa & Cory to light the way for our Real Weddings. This wedding gives me goose bumps. It is amazing on so many levels where do I begin? Firstly, the location!!! Secondly, an unbelievably amazing church that I would get on a plane right now just to go to visit. Thirdly, a shaman blessing – this for me is such a  [ Read More ]

Girls…drag that wedding dress out of the closet and hit the streets!

Posted by Fleur the Flower on January - 29 - 2011

If they can do it in Russia they can do it anywhere!! Every year the lucky ladies of Russia get to wear their wedding dresses in a parade down the main street of several of the cities. They have been doing this wonderful Russian tradition for the past 9 years! They don’t have to be married, they can be 90years old if they want – any woman who wants to  [ Read More ]

Do it once, do it right!

Posted by Fleur the Flower on January - 27 - 2011

Following up from my previous post about the poor state of Wedding Magazine Advertising we have some more goodness from Ian Stuart to inspire the sad and sorry state of wedding mag adverts ……………..advertisers pay attention! This one is hilarous! Cracks me up. Ian is the master!  AS promised…..the neat black and white adverts he runs………  See you don’t even have to hire models – to be simple and effective!  [ Read More ]

Sneak Peek: REAL WEDDING – Cory Loves Melissa… Mayan Shaman Blessing

Posted by Fleur the Flower on January - 26 - 2011

Coming soon our fabulous REAL WEDDINGS……….. beginning with our Gorgeous colourful Mayan Wedding, the most amazing church and a Shaman Blessing. Watch this space!


Also right up their with my fav of favs is Bartosz Jastal from Poland. I love this guy’s work. So gritty and interesting that I am never bored by what I see……but am always intriqued to see more. His photojournalist style is wonderfully unique. He captures moods and expressions in such a way that I haven’t seen many photpgraphers compare with. He doesn’t just focus on the Bride & Groom at the expense of  [ Read More ]

New York, New York!

Posted by Fleur the Flower on January - 19 - 2011
New York New York!

This blog is totally unrelated to weddings. It’s a personal ramble.  I was very fortunate to be invited to a retreat recently in a small town just out of New York.  I have been to NY several times before and this was a whirlwind trip but I still managed to squeeze a few hours in for sightseeing. New York at 5am in the morning is actually quite friendly…..I had recollections  [ Read More ]

Rockability & Shabby Chic Cupcakes!

Posted by Fleur the Flower on January - 19 - 2011

I was so excited when I saw these cupcakes by Vanessa at Bella Cupcakes of Auckland NZ. I could post on and on about these sweet little treats. It is great to see NZ is finally getting up to speed on the wedding front. It was like we were stuck in the 1980’s for a long while there! Not only do Bella Cupcakes do rockin’ Rockability Hearts numbers but also Marie Antoinette colourful  [ Read More ]

Kiwi girls rock!

Posted by Fleur the Flower on January - 19 - 2011
The talented Joanne Wright.

In my very own backyard of Wellington, NZ  is one talented woman who creates Fantasy works of art.  Using photographs she shoots herself combined with a mix of architecture, scenery and landscapes images Joanne Wright of Imagery by Design creates these wonderful Gothic – Etheral Fantasy Worlds. Brides pay attention!! I love the mood created in this image. Evoking many moods she creates a story with each image making the photo look as if it  [ Read More ]

Glamour Puss Dresses

Posted by Fleur the Flower on January - 18 - 2011

I have been looking at bridal magazines for years. I have learnt a thing or two. Mostly it’s interesting to see different trends come and go and who wears what. Unbeknowst to me……there are always a few dresses that make me stop turning the page and take a closer look. After a while I started to see a pattern – they always caught my eye because they looked so well  [ Read More ]

Expressions of Love

Posted by Fleur the Flower on January - 17 - 2011
I love this.

You’d have to have a Heart of Stone not to moved by weddings. The expressions of Love, Joy and Anticipation seep out into every facet of the day. For some grooms, seeing their bride walk down the aisle towards them can move them to tears – often men who never cry suddenly find themselves overwhelmed with emotion. Likewise a Bride, with all the build up to her day – for some lasting  [ Read More ]