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Prayers for Christ’s Church

Posted by Fleur the Flower on February - 22 - 2011

Prayers going out to all the people of Christchurch this evening and in the days to come…………to all those fighting for their lives, trapped in buildings and to all those helping…..May God Bless you all. And to my wedding photographer friends and couples living there – may you all be safe and well. Image Courtesy of:

Victorian Decoupage’ Flowergirl Wands

Posted by Fleur the Flower on February - 22 - 2011

I am generally underwhelmed when it comes to flowergirl paraphenaila (I haven’t even ventured into the world of pageboys yet!) I find alot of the things availble for flowergirls to be an afterthought, tacky (not in a good way) or sparce. So I decided to do something about it and create these Victorian Inspired Decoupage Wands. I have a love of all things Beautiful, Victorian and Vintage. I love how it sends  [ Read More ]