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In support of boosting the morale of all the people of Chch comes the Canterbury wedding of Vanessa and Neo. This couple are so sweet and cute together! It is a real feel good wedding. Vanessa told me they like to do everything together – including taking out the garbage (when one person would suffice) to going and getting milk from the local corner shop and (of course) shoe shopping.   [ Read More ]


As my extended family are Greek Cypriot I thought it would be nice to feature a couple who are planning their upincoming wedding in Cyprus. And what a couple!!! AND WHAT AN ENGAGEMENT SHOOT – Glamorous, Sexy, Beautiful and Modelly with a couple obviously head over heels in Luurvve!  Now, in wedding photography you often only hear descriptive words like “Lovely, Beautiful, Pretty” and you rarely hear words like Sizzling, Sexy and the like…..but let  [ Read More ]

Picture of the Week

Posted by Fleur the Flower on March - 31 - 2011

This weeks Beautiful Picture of the week goes to Michael Shandro of Shandro Photography for this LOVELY and GENTLE portrait. When I look at this Bride I don’t feel like I am looking at wedding photography – It feels more like Travel Photography which is why I respond so well to it. Michael has captured an almost meditative-like moment. Truly awesome light…..LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Many Thanks: Michael Shandro

COMING SOON…………..Balloons, a beautiful love story, a church tragically affected by the recent Christchurch Earthquake in NZ and a really really cute couple. Many Thanks: Lisa Gane

Out of Respect for the People of Japan – No posts for a short while.

Posted by Fleur the Flower on March - 14 - 2011

Out of respect for the people of Japan I have decided not to post on the blog for the immediate interim ….. it just seems too weird & surreal for me to post about materialistic items when so many people are suffering and a potential threat of nuclear meltdown lingers. I will back! The people of Japan:  My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Prayers for the People of Japan from the People of NZ.

Posted by Fleur the Flower on March - 12 - 2011

Our hearts go out to the People of Japan currently experiencing unbelievable horror and uncertainty. We thank you for helping us in our time of need in ChristChurch NZ  and now we hope we can return the favour. To all my viewers in Japan I hope you are all personally safe and well and your families are safe from harm and to the thousands currently reported missing my prayers go out to  [ Read More ]

Modern Vintage Chic

Posted by Fleur the Flower on March - 11 - 2011

Credit: Roo Abrook VINTAGE along with Marie Antoinette is one of my favourite wedding themes. There are so many possibilities and potential DIY opportunities to be had in this arena. You can really let your creativity shine. High Tea, gorgeous florals or old world regal – it all falls under the spectacular theme of Vintage. One country which I think leads the way in the vintage wedding is the UK….here are a  [ Read More ]

Picture of the Week

Posted by Fleur the Flower on March - 9 - 2011

OMG, What does one say. Many Thanks: 1st WPJA –  Ronald Soliman

Krazy Dreams and Dror sees the light.

Posted by Fleur the Flower on March - 8 - 2011

 Okay so it’s been a krazy week……..and my dreams are reflecting it.  Anyone who knows me knows that I dream weird. “Freaky” as my old flatmate so eloquently termed it. Now I’m not going to scare you all with a behind the scenes look into my head but I will say my dream the other night was a welcomed light relief …..considering most material I get resembles something directly out of the show  [ Read More ]


Feast your eyes on this!! Aimee and Will’s engagement shoot has a lovely light glowing quality to it. It’s fresh and warm with a high quota of good looking thrown in for good measure! Stephanie Duant from Bubble Rock Studios has captured the youthful fun quality of this couple whilst retaining the intimate love connection between the two. Aimee joyfully escorts us on her engagement frolic …..(my words in italics)  Will and I  [ Read More ]