Today is Random Tuesday Day. Simply because I’m in a random mood.
If anyone knows what this insect is please tell me. I found it whilst gardening, trod on it by accident because it’s see through – then rescued it leaving it with a wonky wing. It looks like a butterfly when it is flat on the ground but is iridescent. I have never seen anything like this in NZ before and if we have a new species I don’t know about – please enlighten!

Being a Gemini I never get bored of the following image – you may have seen it before but for me it never gets old.

And then there is this Facebook phenomenon. Asking complete strangers to be my friend. Thank god they accept otherwise it’d be like being in the school yard all over again!
Some sort of award or community medal should be given to the cleaner of the toilets on the waterfront in Picton NZ for making the trip to the toilet so pleasant …with these creative floral arrangements. I was tempted to go in the men’s and see what they had.

This is my mum’s fluffball cat. Cutie!

And because this is a wedding blog after all I SUPPOSE I should mention something about weddings…………So this is my favourite shot, look, dress idea of the moment – from a recent fashion photoshoot in Brides UK magazine, which I have to say always has a high standard of bridal fashion photography shoots.

Divine or what.

3 Responses so far.

  1. Suki says:

    The cat is very cute. I like.

  2. sarah says:

    The insect you asked about….perhaps it is a cicada? it look like one that has only just come out of its shell when their wings are all soft?

    Random Tuesday…I love it. The story about the twins…omg so beautiful.
    And the flowers in the toilets….awesome!! Thanks for reminding me of some the the special random moments. :-)

  3. mmm Cicada – could well be – I have never seen one when it’s all glowing irridescent – I will google it and see if it matches up :-)