Okay these girls are rockin kool. Look at that couch!! the shoes!!  the hair and the tatts!! It is with great pleasure that I present the post-wedding images of Michelle Blau and Dusti Ohland rockers from the Portland band Kiss Kill who were wed in Hahei, New Zealand. Two amazing chics who inspire.

Take it away girls……….!

The Proposal

Michelle surprised me with a weekend getaway at the Lion and the Rose Bed and Breakfast. When we entered our gorgeous room, the bed and surrounding floor were covered with candies and rose petals. In the center of it all were a card and a box. I opened the card and inside of it was a candy heart that read “marry me”. Inside the box was the ring of my dreams. Michelle asked if she needed to get down on one knee and I assured her that she had done enough to win my heart long ago and it was necessary. Then in typical Michelle and Dusti fashion, we went to a nickel arcade and won each other a bunch of cheap trinkets.

 The Rings

Of course we did not want to be too conventional and just have engagement rings, so we got matching tattoos on the inside of our ring fingers that say “forever”. We wanted our own way to express our commitment to each other and that being the most painful of all of our tattoos; it was an extreme expression of love.  Each ring was custom made, by Dave Iler to be harmonizing opposites contained by the greater whole of unity: much like the yin yang of Chinese tradition.


 The Girls 

Dusti and I have been together for 5 ½ years, despite the fact that we work in the same office, perform in the band Kiss Kill  and basically spend all of our time together. Since lesbian relationships typically move a little faster than other relationships, measured in lesbian years (much like dog years), we have really been together for almost 47 years- give or take. Nevertheless there is no one with whom I would rather spend every waking moment. We are soul mates in every sense of the word. When people inquire how we maintain such an astonishing relationship, I always accredit compatibility, honesty, and communication as contributing factors. But truth be told, our secret lies in pajama pants, laughter, junk food, tattoos, adorable animal YouTube videos, and X-Files marathons. Though life has not always been puppy dogs and rainbows….

 Their inspiration

Both Dusti and I struggled with our sexual identity throughout our adolescent years and grappled for any means of reprieve- positive or not. At the age of 12, I began my battle against anorexia and self-mutilation. For 8 grueling years, I wrestled with defining myself as a lesbian being raised in the Mormon Church. To date, I have been 7 years healthy and now make it my mission to speak out to young girls using my music and poetry, in hopes of inspiring girls to embrace their bodies and their souls just as they are! Dusti also battled against addiction from the age of 14, specifically alcoholism. For many years she used alcohol to escape a dysfunctional family and numb the pain from disapproving parents. Dusti has since sustained a sober lifestyle for the past 5 years and uses her music as motivation and a positive outlet to promote sobriety. Her main objective is to make performing music a platform for a clean and safe environment- where everyone can express themselves in a positive healthy manner.

I am proud of who we are, as individuals and as a partnership. We have come from the very depths of sadness only to find love and happiness overflowing in every corner of our hearts.


Our ceremony was conducted by Maggie McLaurin in NZ, which focused on the divinity of a union between ourselves and Mother Earth. The rings before being exchanged were first consecrated in the ocean water and then blessed by the four elements:

 I consecrate these rings with the element of air, the breath of life.

I consecrate these rings with the element of fire, the warmth of love.

I consecrate these rings with the element of water, to wash them clean.

I consecrate these rings with the element of Earth for solidity and stability.

We then spoke our promise to one another….

 I, Michelle take you, Dusti to be my lover, my friend, my soul mate, my partner and I offer this ring as a sign that today I join my life with yours.

 I, Dusti, thank you for this beautiful ring I accept it as a symbol that we are one with one another. The ring will remind me of you. I will wear it with love- all of my life.

 Our friend Amanda Mahowald, attended the wedding as our singular guest to offer her unconditional love and support. While photographer, Daniel Doolan of Seanchai Productions, filmed the ceremony and the months leading up to the union, as part of the Documentary: “Another American Love Story.”


 Thank you girls for sharing your journey with us and may you have a blessed union together. :-)

Credit Where Credit is Due:

Photographer/Videographer: Daniel Doolan of Seanchai Productions: www.seanchaiproductions.com

Photographer: Andrew Burdick www.hisandherphotography.com

Rings: Dave Iler www.alchemyjeweler.com

Celebrant: Maggie McLaurin http://www.storytelling.org.nz/mmc.html

The Girls  Band: Kiss Kill  www.kisskillrocks.com

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  1. Suki says:

    I happy to see this. I read these girls are inspiration. Thank you for showing. I like their wedding dress too.

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  3. sarah says:

    What an inspiring story and gorgeous photos. You look fantastic ladies!!! Congrats and all the best xx

  4. Samantha says:

    So excited to see this post – thanks girls for being so honest about the trials and tribulations of finding love! Great post – very Heartwarming

  5. see this post – thanks girls for being so honest about the trials and tribulations of finding love! Great post – very Heartwarming

  6. Thanks for your comment! Yes I love how these girls are so open and honset. Such a wonderful and rare trait.

  7. What a great story of finding love :-)
    Congratulations girls! Love the boots!

  8. Thanks for your lovely comment :-)