Buddhist Monk escorts the couples in a marraige procession.

Buddhist Moanstries are not usually something equated with Marriage Ceremonies, considering that they are mostly full of celibate monks but 30 newly to-be-married couples participated in a mass wedding at the thousand year old Chan (Zen) Temple located at Zhujiwuxie Scenic Area in Zhejiang Province, China. The newly to-be-wed couples prayed in front of the Buddha, and received the highest blessings from the abbot at the Temple.

Receiving their blessed rings

Mass Weddings are an interesting concept….Here it appears that all the brides generally are wearing similar outfits. I believe some Buddhist Monastries open their doors to couples wishing to be involved in a marriage ceremony and then all those who wish to participate simply make up the numbers. In this case 30. It may also be a cheaper alternative for some couples than an church wedding.

Prayer Blessing inside shrine room

Chanting blessing

Ceremonial Proceedings

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Images courtesy of ICP Media.

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