Many Thanks:  Dmitri Yakimov – Russia

Not everyone is up for trashing their prize possession but some get right into it. Others choose to Treasure the Dress. Whatever the case there are some great photo ops to be had with this concept. Some brides use paint, some jump into the sea, and others have a hilarous time coming up with ways to destroy their pretty frock.

Here are a selection of some of my favourite Trash the Dress images…..some of these photographers must have had a blast of a time!!

ps: Brides do not try this at home without a trained professional.

Many Thanks:  Kevin Beasely – Luisiana USA

Many Thanks:  Nicole Koester

Many Thanks:  Justyna Ortyl – Poland

Many Thanks:  Paul Johnson – Florida USA

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  1. Serena says:

    Oh my god, that bride’s veil is burning! It looks incredible – not sure I’d be that daring but the shot looks unbelievable!! Wonder if they had the fire department on stand by.

  2. Sarah says:

    Oh wow I LOVE these images! The one in the water is simply stunning and the one with the bright blue sky with the bride in what looks like a hydra slide maybe?
    Love it.

  3. Sarah says:

    ha whoops I mean HYDRO slide not Hydra…ha a Hydra really would ‘Trash the Dress’:-)

  4. As far as I’m aware , when a photographer shoots a burning wedding dress they take two separate pics , one of the the bride in her dress, and another of the dress – or as in this case, the veil – on fire. The bride is never in personal danger, due to modern photographic technology. However, the water/mud ones are usually for real!xx

  5. dimo says:

    Hey girls, thanks for comments :)
    Burning veil shot was taken in the real time in the end of the real wedding day, not produced in home in Photoshop or like that.
    We had no fire dept nearby. We were very careful, had no damages, except my finger (got 1 burn) and veil :)

  6. Hi Dmitri, am glad to hear that you all got out unscathed (except for your finger eeek!) You got a GREAT shot out if though! One of My Fav’s :-)

  7. WOW Dimo! That is unprecedented! Amazing you decided to risk doing it live! So glad it was only the veil and your SUPER brave bride escaped unharmed! She looks so calm and detached, as if nothing was happening at all! Just as well she was looking away at the time… She and her husband must have had HUGE trust in you to perform this stunt live – and on her wedding day with all the guests there too! I know many brides can’t wait to get rid of their veils before sitting down to eat, but this sure is a novel way to dispatch the hated objects. We wedding photographer’s love playing with them in bridal shots though… see a how here