Hand held Floral Bouquets add so much to a wedding in terms of colour, style and photo ops!! The choice and range of flowers one can have is unlimited but I recommend you do consider how they will end up looking in your photos. One thing I notice alot is the sizing of the bouquet – they can often appear too large or too small in proportion to the person to carrying them – this becomes quite obvious in the photos. These lovely images can show how lovely the bouquets can look.


Now I have heard stories where brides have asked for one thing and florists have delivered something completely different on the day – so there are ways to ensure this doesn’t happen to you – get it in writing is one – with all the flowers you want included. Alternatively, get a mock up made up so you can sight it and then take a photo – so the florist can replicate it on your day.  Many florists can be trusted however to create general awesomeness as seen in some of these photos taken by Barnaby Aldrick in the UK. He always pays particular attention to ensuring the bouquets are beautifully photographed.


 Another thing to keep in mind is the contrasting of colours. The way colours work together can make for very effective photos. Red for example….a full bouquet of red roses can look stunning in real life – but interestingly when photographed red can blend all together to form a kind of red blob – so just keep that in mind – I wouldn’t not have red roses because of concerns about the photos but I would just think about contrasting – how you could maybe use the red in your day to best accentuate it.

You can also fill a small spray bottle of water and throughout the day gently spray your bouquets with a fine mist….don’t overdo it as most flowers won’t handle too much fiddling with or water log but a gentle mist can revive a bouquet. Generally leave your flowers alone so they don’t bruise adn you can put them on your bridal table or on top of your cake when you get to the reception.


 If you have favourite flowers you are planning to include think about the colouring and they will all come together…..look on the net or in bridal magazines to see if you can find your colour combination and see how it comes across in the photos.


 Lastly, don’t hide behind your bouquet….I have seen some understandably nervous brides hold their bouquet up so high in front of them you can’t see all the detailing on their dress or their face! Relax your arms and hold it lower than your bust for a natural look.


 Remember too that you are going to be holding this thing all day so you don’t want it to be mega heavy!! If you are having long-stem flowers remember this adds to the weight so opt for less blooms or foliage. Ribbons etc can add bulk without the weight.


 And when it comes time to throw the bouquet to all those exuberant bachelorettes (if you are honouring this tradition) – you may like to opt for a second bouquet – specially made by the florist – which the lucky girl can have as a keepsake.

Many Thanks: Barnaby Aldrick www.barnabyaldrick.com

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  1. Samantha says:

    Wow these photos are awesome!! Such a great idea to just photograph the bouquet alone.

  2. Julie says:

    It’s great to see what the different colours looks like in the photos….makes me think! Thanks!