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Aimee and Will’s engagement shoot has a lovely light glowing quality to it. It’s fresh and warm with a high quota of good looking thrown in for good measure! Stephanie Duant from Bubble Rock Studios has captured the youthful fun quality of this couple whilst retaining the intimate love connection between the two. Aimee joyfully escorts us on her engagement frolic …..(my words in italics)


 Will and I have been together just over two years and we have lived together for most of that as I moved in with him after only 4 months, not necessarily consciously, just more and more of my stuff was beginning to be at his house and less at mine.

Will won major brownie points for his proposal. In September of last year all Will told me was to get the Friday off work as we were going away for the weekend. He whisked me up north to the Carrington Resort and Kari Kari Estate Winery in Kari Kari. We had an amazing weekend at the resort driving the golf carts around up to the winery for breakfast, lunch and wine tasting and he even got me to go for a “leisurely” mountain bike ride (never again).


This is a beautiful shot – a lovely moment.

On the Saturday evening we went to dinner at the resort restaurant. Dessert came out and the waitress had a placed a napkin over it, I remember thinking “weird waitress it’s not going to get cold walking from the kitchen” however she placed the plate down and lifted the napkin off. My stomach was full of butterflies when I looked down at the plate and saw that written around the rim in chocolate was “Will you marry me?”

We had an amazing evening celebrating with the other couples in the restaurant one of which was there celebrating their 37th wedding anniversary and came up to congratulate us and wish us all the success that they had in their marriage when they saw Will down on one knee handing me the ring.

For our engagement shoot photos we chose Stephanie from Bubblerock Studios in NZ. I met Steph when we were introduced on Twitter as fellow brides to be, we got talking and actually struck up a friendship.


Steph bought up the idea of an E-shoot and showed me what others had done and I thought it would be a good idea to have some professional photos of us as a couple that were more relaxed than a traditional wedding shoot which is the only other time many people get professional shots of themselves as a couple.


As Will and I are both from the North Shore and we have families either currently living in Devonport or heritage in Devonport, so that was a significant location for us which is why our first location for the beachy shots was down at Torpedo Bay.

We throughly enjoyed working with Steph, she made us feel so comfortable and well as for her talent the pictures speak for themselves. We were over the moon with the photos and they will certainly be a treasured memory forever.




I love this following set of images………….



 The second location was under the Auckland Harbour Bridge on the Northcote point side as I also wanted a more artsy/edgy vibe to some of them, I had seen some awesome wedding photos taken at that location previously and that is what gave me the inspiration to have them there. The two locations I think contrasted from one another really well so it gave us two very different sets of photos with a different look and feel. And all in the space of two hours!!


More Awesomeness!!


Aimee & Will – Wishing you both lots of great wedding warm-fuzzies for your upincoming wedding! May it be wonderful for you both. Please come back and share with us!


Many Thanks: Stephanie Killip (nee Dunant) from Bubblerock Studios. www.bubblerock.co.nz

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  1. Thank you Fleur for featuring this e-shoot. It was a pleasure to take part in it and I have to admit: I had the best couple to work with. They are naturals and their love and happy ways were totally infectious.
    A pleasure and honour to be featured on your blog!

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  3. steph {bubblerock} is SO talented, and these images are perfectly stunning!

  4. Dee says:

    Lovely photos! Congratulations on your engagement, Aimee and Will :-)

  5. Hi Steph, you are welcome! I am looking forward to seeing more of your magic with the wedding and congrats to you as well on your recent marriage! And yes, Will and Aimee are naturals in front of the camera!

  6. thanks Jacin! We all love them too!

  7. Thanks for the compliment Steph :-)