Many Thanks: Manuel Meszarovits.

I’m a HUGE FAN of Wedding Photojournalism but there are all kinds of wedding photographers out there, all specialising in different styles. It can be a daunting task for a new bride to find the photographer that is right to take the helm behind the camera and document the wedding day. There are some photographers like myself who are still learning the ropes in the wedding side of it, who have a good eye and like to gain further experience, then there are the photographers who have been in the business many years, who are technically proficient and looking to perfect their craft.

You will find many wedding photographers have a different ‘style’ or approach to shooting a wedding. Some are called ‘Documentary’ or ‘Photojournalistic’ like Manuel Meszarovits who creates superb photojournalist images as they happen throughout the wedding day. Whilst other photographer’s have a more structured fashion approach opting for posed images throughout the day. Many photographers mix and match to your needs but it is important that you find a photographer that you ‘click’ with, who listens to what you want.  The best couples to photograph are the ones who give creative reign to the photographer – trusting them to do their job – and then just enjoying their wedding! That way the photographer can capture some true natural moments (most of the time you are unaware).

When it comes to the posed shots it’s best to pretend the photographer is not there (unless you need to look directly into the camera of course!) but to relax with your husband and just feel the connection between you both as if you were the only two people present. Don’t be offended if the photographer asks you to move an arm or tilt your head slightly into the light (you’re not looking terrible – it’s just the composition needs teeking!).

Most importantly is to have fun. A lot of brides comment that they hate being photographed because they don’t know what to do – my advice is to enjoy the person you have just married and the photographer will take care of the rest.  Many wedding photographers will travel worldwide (you pay their fare they’ll be there) so your choices are unlimited however there are plenty of incredibly talented wedding photographers to find right here in your backyard……..more to follow on these special people!!

This photo is IT for me. Truly truly beautiful.

Many Thanks: Manual Meszarovits

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  1. Jasmine says:

    What glorious images…..I wish my wedding photos looked like that! We got a friend to photograph ours and whilst I appreciated all the effort she went to I was a little disappointed with the final look. I wish we’d had someone like this!

  2. Sorry to hear you weren’t totally satisfied with your wedding images. Professional photographers can appear to be a lot of money at first glance, but they are totally worth it in the long run. They also work hard for the money they earn – it’s not an easy job! Manuel’s images are beautiful aren’t they!