Okay so it’s been a krazy week……..and my dreams are reflecting it.  Anyone who knows me knows that I dream weird. “Freaky” as my old flatmate so eloquently termed it. Now I’m not going to scare you all with a behind the scenes look into my head but I will say my dream the other night was a welcomed light relief …..considering most material I get resembles something directly out of the show tv show Medium or a Shakespearean Epic 5 Act Technicolour Tragedy…..this dream was so funny it actually made me wake up and LOL.

Dream: Animated Mexican Singing Rats playing their guitars and singing inside drainpipes.

And then there’s DROR. My main man……and no I’m not biased just because we have the same birthday is irrelevant. Dror Eyal as you all know, is one of MY FAV’s and intially captured my eye because he was one photographer who could bring ‘quiet, calm and peace’ into his pictures – by capturing the inbetween moments in a wedding. Kinda of silence speaks volumes thing. Well that was until now!!


Described by some as “Psychedelic”, “Out of the Box” and/or “On drugs” I have come to my own conclusion that these images are GREAT!!!!!!!!! How did I arrive at this you may ask? Quite simply because I love people who are brave. If you are known for a particular style which at times can feel like a security blanket then it is very courageous to take that leap of courage and experiment to the point of no return.




 Many wedding photographers express that they are, at times, stuck in a rut creatively…..they’ve mastered what they do and then they stay there. They plateau. But not Dror. This man has lion courage….and thank the stars for that. Whether or not he applies this new creative colour explosion to his work or not is beside the point. Regardless, he is leading by example and that makes me happy…..very happy indeed.


These images remind me alot of Kirlian Photography – where your aura is photographed and the intense colours emanating from this couple tell me that they are MADLY IN LOVE!



Many Thanks: Dror Eyal www.droreyal.co.za

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  1. Samantha says:

    I applaud too! Wedding photography can be high in the cheese factor – or the sepia induced overload so it’s refreshing to see someone who looks like they are just having plain FUN.

  2. Suki says:

    So bright and wonderful. Thankng you.

  3. sarah says:

    Innovative and creative, wonderful.