I was watching “Four Weddings – One Honeymoon” on tv this Saturday…the show where they have 4 Brides rate each other’s wedding in hopes of winning a honeymoon. And one of the brides on the show had the coolest thing I’d seen in a while……Flipbooks! Now most of us are familiar with Photo Booths were you get a strip of 4 photos to keep. Well, this is similar but what you end up with is a flip book with a little animation as you flip through it. Like a movie. It’s totally COOL!!!!


 You stand in front of the photo studio set-up and move/dance about and it captures a frame every few seconds. Great way to tell a love story and TOTAL fun for your guests!!  Here the guests are watching a playback on the screen of what their little flipbook will look like! Looks like a blast. And then they get to keep the little book. Even better!


 Many Thanks: www.iloveflipbooks.com

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  1. This is SUCH a great idea :) – an old-school stop motion really… I surely will offer the idea to my brides in 2012. Many photo booth sessions to be had! :) Thanks Fleur for sharing!

  2. Yeah it totally ROCKS!! The bridal party on the tv show looked like they were having such fun with it!! Would be great too – to have in NZ!