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I was thinking about who will photograph the Royal Wedding last night and the winner is: Hugo Burnand otherwise known as TopDog. Personally chosen by Kate and Wills. I wondered if he had been working out at the gym in the lead up to the event for all the long-distance running he will have to do. Then I started wondering about what they will do in their personal photo session (and how we won’t get to see those photos – we’ll just see the formal ones – and if they will do fun ones at all)…..then this got me thinking about what I would get them to do – how would I photograph their session and then this got me thinking what would other photographers do?????

What would I do? Well I am still thinking about it……….but to date I would……..

1. Get Kate to run down the Mall toward Buckingham Palace in her dress and then turn around slightly and look back laughing – with all the crowd waving their flags, the trees lining the Mall, the flags on the poles etc all out of focus as the backdrop.

2. Take one gigantic “family” shot – me on the balcony looking down at everyone with Kate and Wills at the front with family and the ENTIRE  crowd piled up behind them. Hahaha this one cracks me up.

3. Put Kate and Will in the fountain out the front and let them go for it.

And yes I have too much time on my hands BUT……. FUN! p.s…When I was a child we had a comic called “PRINCESS” and it was Princess Diana comic. It came out each week and we had a whole draw full but somewhere along the line they obviously got chucked out :-(  it used to have Princess Diana’s picture on the front and always came with a free gift of bracelet or crown etc….Man it was KOOL. I have never seen it since – even online.

Obviously they have to have these kinds of official photos:




 But hopefully also they get some fun and modern pictures like this VA VA VOOM wedding shot  (I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THIS SHOT – IT IS INCREDIBLE – SO INTENSE, HOT, AND THE SEA LOOK UNBELIEVABLE)  ah well, a girl can dream.


So all you creative photographers out there……………..how would you photograph Kate and Will’s personal session? (p.s You don’t have to be a photographer to answer this – all ideas welcome!

Many Thanks: Shandro Photography www.shandrophoto.com

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  1. felicity says:

    PRINCESS Comic YEESSSSS!!!!!! That was the BEST. Ah how I miss it so :-)

  2. Yes it was SO great. I would have also photographed Will and Kate holding hands, standing side by side with those Will and Kate face masks on.

  3. sarah says:

    I’m not a wedding photographer but I love your idea of letting Will and Kate pose in the fountain..so fun.
    Gosh it was a beautiful wedding. I do hope they had a ‘personal’ photographer as well as an ‘official’ photographer…so they could just relax and have some fun.
    I think the wedding was fantastic though. So regal and just lovely.

  4. Haha Fleur, thanks for the shout out. I would have loved to shoot their wedding. Unfortunately we were already booked!


  5. You’re welcome Michael! I am sure your images will inspire couples to be as adventurous!