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This is the place were we celebate what I believe to be some of the Top World Class wedding photographers on our little planet Earth. I choose these people because their work causes a response in me….sometimes it’s an emotive response of absolute beauty……..sometimes I think “Wow, how cool is that!!’ and others just make me fall silent because I know how talented they are both technically and visually.

First up ………. the unique Arthur Konstantinov hailing from Russia.  I think Arthur’s work is some of the coolest around. He has an amazing talent to work with colour………he creates an almost surreal dream like look with his use of colour – as if the Northern Lights were present at all of his wedding shoots! I haven’t seen anyone else’s work that uses colour so beautifully.

He also knows how to marry Kool & Wedding……….he gets some totally funky looks that are incredibly refreshing – not to mention the awesomeness of Russian Architecture.  It seems in Russia there are some amazing bridal outfits, and the brides appear to be willing to have loads of fun trying out different things. Some of the Russian Wedding Dresses are the coolest I’ve seen. When I look at Arthur’s work I feel like I am literally in Russian Culture – I get an impression from his photos of what it is like to be Russian and I think this is a great achievement. He also appears to have a great sense of humour and illict that response in his couples.

A selection of Arthur’s masterpieces below…….

This picture is Heaven! Such a fantastic idea and captured so beautifully. I LOVE IT!!!!

One word. KOOL.

More total Koolness. I mean…..what’s not to like??!!!

Wonderful headpiece. The colours of this whole photograph are like silk. The next two images work together brilliantly – looks like they had a total blast thinking these up…

These two would look terrific framed side by side on the wall. I bet they are super happy with them!

This is what I was talking about-  the Northern Lights effect. Arthur creates such a dreamy feel with colour and light – it’s as if he can ‘wrap’ the light around his subjects.  Like I said…I haven’t seen any other photographers use colour so uniquely.

I think these last shots were part of a Bridal Fashion Fantasy Shoot that Arthur took part in and I have included them because they are so artistic – what fabulous styling, dress, hair and makeup! Totally awesome.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Wow some stunning pics. I love the one with the bride holding the rose bouquet and one hand up in the air..yeaahh!!

  2. Jasmine says:

    This guy is da bomb! WOW! Is he singlehandedly dragging Bridal Imagery into the year 2011 or what?? Awesomeness and more awesomeness. Love your site.

  3. Liza says:

    I wish this guy lived in my neighbourhood. I’d hire him in a shot. If that was me in that first picture I’d be one super happy bride!

  4. Samantha says:

    This guy totally ROCKS!

  5. What kind of matter really, thank you for sharing, we have a common interest.

  6. I am glad you enjoy Bartosz work – I think he is amazing!

  7. Yes Arthur is FABULOUS!!