Dror Eyal  is right up there in my Fav’s of Favs. When I look at his work it’s like I’m looking at pure magic or an artistic masterpiece.  Some photographers can’t help themselves…their soul just seeps out into their work and it becomes evident that they can’t just take shots like everyone else but capture Life at it’s essense. Dror does this so beautifully.  This image above reminds me so much of the World Press Photo winning image of the Rwandan Man with machete wounds – albeit not something usually compared with such a glorious moment as a wedding photo – my point is that the image above is as moving as that and as World Class standard as that.  

Dror also makes it into My FAV list because he’s a clever – no BS writer, who pens more imaginative blogs than most of us, and is a bit of a technical guru. If Dror lived in NZ I would be attending all his workshops but alas I have to make do with admiring from afar.  

Dror’s brilliance is that somehow he manages to make Light look like Love.  

To put it bluntly….Dror kicks butt!   With a bit of rockstar thrown in.  


 Such superb lighting and composition in this shot. Dror really does use lighting to it’s uptmost brilliance ….  


 Such beautiful diffused light and focus.  Very very Lovely.



 He even makes grass look good. 


 Such a tender moment he has captured here. Love it.


 The Bride looks HOT! Stunning! Perfection!


 BEAUTIFUL – BEAUTIFUL – BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I adore.

4 Responses so far.

  1. Samantha says:

    Gosh…. like WOW!! That black beauty image is my favourite. This guy rocks too! You pick great photographers.

  2. Susie says:

    That church shot is incredible – the sense of scale is huge! What a very talented photographer.

  3. Flora says:

    This guy is INCREDIBLE. That bride with her hand on the hip looks totally awesome. Her dress flatters her really well! Very pretty.

  4. Gillian says:

    That groom shot is totally rad – the blue sky makes those guys stand out – I really like!!