New York New York!

This blog is totally unrelated to weddings. It’s a personal ramble. 

I was very fortunate to be invited to a retreat recently in a small town just out of New York.  I have been to NY several times before and this was a whirlwind trip but I still managed to squeeze a few hours in for sightseeing. New York at 5am in the morning is actually quite friendly…..I had recollections of my last visit being less amicable but not this time. People smiled as they walked to work at this god foresaken hour in the morning.  After I’d recovered from my flight from NZ (joke) I wandered about Times Square with my little point and shoot soaking up the atmosphere. The sound of sirens blaring IS New York. 

Extremely cool building

 As the sun was coming up it cast great shadows and light down the city concrete canyons. 

Morning Light.

 One thing I noticed about New York this time is that it’s incredibly well run with jobs for every little thing possible. People to help you at the airport, People to help you at the buses, someone to stock the Mc D’s sugar salt napkin stand, bus shelter cleaners, street cleaners. You name it. Someone is employed to do it. They also have an army recruitment centre right in the heart of Times Square – that’s it in neon behind the american flag – not sure what I think about that. 


Even though it was extremely busy with people going to work, people weren’t in a frenzy like we can get here in NZ, they took their time, enjoyed their bagel and coffee as if they had all the time in the world. 


The town of Fleischmanns was my home whilst in NY, it’s a small ghost town with many abandoned beautiful old houses due to the recession in America. In winter it becomes the ski resort region for New Yorkers. Many of the old houses are B&B’s. The monster size houses are in various states of disrepair but it was encouraging to see a little more prosperity in the town than my last visit. This is an example of what most of the small town looks like – no, I didn’t stay there! 


But the American spirit is not broken because they still love their dogs. 


 Whilst in Fleischmanns I took a day trip to Woodstock. My mission was to walk up the rather large hill to the Buddhist Monastry at the top. “It can’t be that far” I reasoned. Wrong. And did I mention it was HOT! And that I had no water! What was I thinking??? I figured some kind person on their way to the monastry would stop and give me a lift. Well they did, just as I coming around the corner with the monastry in sight after my 2 1/2 hour trek.  Fortunately for me though, just as I was contemplating lying down on the side of the road for a rest after the hour and half mark, a Deer appeared. Totally magical. 

Deer and I having a moment.

 ‘Very Auspicious’ as the Buddhist’s say!

It was worth it though.

I timed it just right as the main shrine room was about to have a session so I snuck in and admired the incredibly ornate scenery. 


Gold leaf ornateness.

Some of the locals had particularly inspiring gardens. This one in particular took my fancy. 


Now there is a very spooky house in Fleischmanns that creeps me out (I won’t tell you what I dreamt about after seeing this house on my first visit). But needless to say it’s quite a sight. 


A bit of atmosphere so you get the full effect. 


Back in New York I had a short time before I had to fly out and crammed it in with a whirlwind bus ride around the city. My fav sight this time was this…. 


and of course all the hustle and bustle of one of the biggest cities in the World. 


On the way to the airport I saw this massive cemetry with this sign in it – I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. 

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  1. Dee says:

    Wow, what great photos of NYC! You’ve totally captured the city’s spirit. Oh, and the Buddhist monastery looks amazing. Thanks for posting :-)

  2. sarah says:

    More stunning pics Fleur. You have a great eye for composition and capturing unique moments.
    The panda pic is awesome…a crazy cool moment in what looks like a crazy cool city :-)

  3. I love the panda best!