You go girls!

If they can do it in Russia they can do it anywhere!! Every year the lucky ladies of Russia get to wear their wedding dresses in a parade down the main street of several of the cities. They have been doing this wonderful Russian tradition for the past 9 years! They don’t have to be married, they can be 90years old if they want – any woman who wants to dress up in wedding garb is allowed.

Yeah Baby!

They go all out, some wearing military style bridal outfits, some are nurses, some goths – you name it – they wear it. Now I do find it a little interesting to imagine a whole stack of Brides waltzing down Lambton Quay in Wellington during the lunch hour – but I’m up for it if there are limos, barbie bridal carriages, and photographers on every block!

Can you imagine what the suits would do if they saw this coming?!

All those who are keen say aye! If Russia can start a revolution so can we :-)

Anything goes!

You even get a certificate saying “You are the most beautiful bride” – totally awesome – you can hang it on your wall and laugh hysterically….so cool.

Head-dresses welcome too.

and elaborate arty creations…

Including fruit

MY FAV photographer Arthur Konstantinov has had the pleasure of photographing some of these creative ladies and we’ll be seeing more from him soon……………….

Take me to Russia NOW!

Whoo Hoooo!

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  1. Samantha says:

    This looks hilarious! Count me in.