Pearl Flower

 Many Thanks: Flower of Life Designs NZ. 

These little cuties I make in my spare time. I think favours can add a highly decorative element to your table. I love to experiment with all looks and these are a few of the designs I have come up with. I am available to make these up for your wedding if you wish, but as it’s a hobby you’d need to get in touch with me to check I could get my hands on all the little bits and pieces to do as many as you needed. Except for the Applique box I make them all so you can just lift the lid off and fill them with whatever you like!! Some suggestions: Chocolates hearts, lollies,  truffles or fudge. YUM! 

Sometimes I just open up the box I store them all in  and just stare at the pretty little creations because …………..well, why not!!! 



Sequin Swirl

Faux Flower


 Many Thanks: Flower of Life designs