An OE ignited my passion for photography. Being 21 at the time and from New Zealand, travelling overseas literally opened my eyes up to other worlds. I became a photo-junkie photographing everything in sight! I returned to NZ to undertake a year of professional training before heading off age 24, on a naïve photojournalist solo mission to “save the world” in Africa. 

My time spent in Africa, staying with a poverty stricken family who run a school in Thika Kenya, made me face my motives as a photographer. My photographic training had not covered ‘ethics’! In Africa, I was forced to face the issues of voyeurism, the politics of aid, and self-aggrandisement off another’s misfortune. The experience shocked my world and my camera lay inert for many years after whilst I grappled with these issues. The entire experience highlighted for me how ill-prepared photographers often are before heading into potentially traumatizing zones.

More mature now, and certainly wiser I have re-connected with my passion for the ‘image’. I make available my view of the world, to inspire and encourage others to recognise and capture beauty wherever they see it.